What is Footchy ?

Young, fun and original , Born in 2017, Footchy offers a totally unique online retail experience in Egypt.

How do I login or register?

Click “login and Register” on the upper right corner of any page on footchy.net or click  https://footchy.net/my-account/ .

Is Footchy Selling original products only?

yes we are selling an originals products only.

What is the difference between returning something back to us and exchanging your product size?


  • You can return any product that you’re not happy with apart from those that fall under our no-return policy.
  • For products that you return back to us, you can either get Footchy credit (which you can use to buy stuff later) .


  • By creating an exchange, you can exchange any product you ordered, with another size of the same product (apart from those that fall under our no-exchange policy).